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Booz Allen Hamilton


Our Booz Allen Instructional Multimedia and Gaming (IMAG) team is the firm’s leading development team charged with creating interactive instruction to enhance traditional education and training. We focus on increasing competency, efficiency, and content retention offering: 


  • Custom videos from the real world, and rendered from high-end 3D imagery.

  • Multi-platform 3D and 2D games, crafted to perform on your desired system specs and security standards.

  • Multi-platform E-books with custom interactive modules, designed to best convey your content.

  • Photo-realistic Virtual Reality that can teach, simulate, or familiarize the user with any object or situation that you request. We accurately craft digital duplicates real world people,  spaces and machinery with close attention to detail, then we design and add the interactivity of your choice.


My role:


  • Assessing the priorities of the client, the project and directing the best use of our resources and time for the Art Department.

  • Setting standards and priorities for aesthetic style and quality. Creation of Pipeline flows to optimize the team's productivity.

  • Budgeting resources, and schedule staff strategically. Communicating across disciplines and enforcing milestone priorities.

  • Carrying out an ongoing risk assessment and negotiating the scope, direction, tech priorities and staff issues with other department heads.


Due to the sensitive and secure nature of the work we do for the armed forces and US Government, there are no visuals available at the moment. Please contact me for more information.

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