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Favorite press quotes:


  • Escapist - “System Shock 3 might just win back the sci-fi thriller crown if its first pre-alpha trailer is anything to go by.”

  • Destructoid - “This System Shock 3 pre-alpha teaser trailer may have you saying 'hot damn!'

  • Den of Geek - “System Shock 3 is primed to reclaim the first-person action adventure RPG genre that it helped create so many years ago.”

  • Shacknews -     “System Shock 3's first pre-alpha footage is looking pretty fantastic”

  • GamesRadar - “It's a good time to be a System Shock fan.”  “. . . it looks mighty good.”

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System Shock 3

The series that defined so much of what you love in video games is back! The band got together along with fresh new members to bring a new installment System Shock to new and existing fans! Much is in development and you'll be able to see it soon!

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