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Epic Mickey 1 & 2 (Wii & Multiplatform, Junction Point Studios. 2010 & 2012)

Best selling Disney Videogame to date!

Principal Character Artist:

Nominated for promotion to the title of “Disney Art Master”, the craft-track peer of the Art Director who focuses on the discipline side of leadership needs. {Read More}


  • High resolution and low resolution modeling, UVs, Texturing for Epic Mickey 1, Epic Mickey 2, and 2 other unannounced projects.


  • Modular and Unique assets that required resource and tech specific standards for a strict memory footprint.


  • Creation of modular, customizable creatures, armor and clothes.


  • Creation of massive “point of interest” sculptures for environments.


  • Pipeline research and implementation for improved lighting and shading.


  • Critique and feedback or Outsourced Art.


  • Evaluation of production risks.


  • Training and Mentorship for the Character team and the Environment team in best practices, artistry and the use of different programs including Zbrush, Photoshop, Maya and NDO2.


  • Ensure the general efficiency and smooth management of different “tuning teams” and “strike teams”, and take responsibility for their successful completion.


  • Leading the texture team and small squads of environment artists at a time to homogenize style color palate and improve quality across the games as a whole.


  • Establishing pipelines through research, mentorship and for improved aesthetic results and faster productivity, for in-house artists and outsourcers abroad.


  • I have trained and directed outsourcers from Korea, Argentina, UK, the US and China. My multinational mindset allows for good intercultural relations and communications.


  • Team scheduling and resource management for art polish stages of production.


  • Cross-departamental coordination (art, tool team, engine, UI, core programming, tech art) for UI efforts, and bug resolution for multiple SKUs in different languages and platforms.


  • Paintings, training, leadership and mentorship for the Concept Art team.


  • Pipeline research and implementation, tool creation and art for maps, backgrounds, icons and buttons for the User Interface (UI) department.


  • Models, textures and research help for the Effects and Shaders Team.


  • Created Photoshop batch script tools to change the existing textures to new standards as the engine requirements changed.


  • Created batch export tools for thousands of icon files to different specifications for use in different languages and Interface configurations.


  • Paintings and high quality 3D renders for the Marketing Art team for use in booths, advertisements and online.


  • Created pipeline and training materials so anyone familiar with Photoshop could help increase texture resolution and make high quality NextGen normalmaps from Wii environment textures in a couple of hours. This improved quality and speed when in a tight schedule for us and the outsourcers.


  • Travel to represent art department’s interests when looking for new game engines.


  • Creation of cinematic material for game pitches.







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