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Accolades and Awards:

Warhammer Online:

IGN PC: Best of E3 2008-Best MMO IGN PC: 2008 Best Persistent World Game {Read More}

  • IGN PC: Best of E3 2008-Best MMO

  • IGN PC: 2008 Best Persistent World Game

  • IGN PC: 2008 Reader's Choice

  • GameSpy: Best of E3 2008

  • GameSpy: Best Use of License

  • GameSpy: Top 10 PC Games – Ranked #2

  • G4TV: Best of E3 – PC

  • Massively – Favorite New MMO of 2008

  • – Reader's Choice Awards – Best New Game of 2008

  • – Reader's Choice Awards – Most Innovative Feature

  • MSNBC – Best PC games of 2008

  • Voodoo Extreme: E3 2008 – Best MMO

  • Warcry's Editor's Choice: Most Anticipated of 2008

  • X-Play: Best MMO

  • Ten Ton Hammer: Best Fantasy MMOG

  • Ten Ton Hammer: Best of Show

  • Beckett Massive Online Game Reader's Choice Award: Most Anticipated MMO

  • Warcry's Editor's Choice: 2007's Most Anticipated

  • Readers Choice: Most Anticipated

  • Best Use Of A License

  • Game Daily Nod Award

  • Voodoo Extreme: Best Massively Multiplayer Game

  • GameSpot Editor's Choice: Best Stage Demo

  • Ten Ton Hammer Editor's Choice Award

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Multiple armor variations, monsters, NPCs and points of interest.

Clothing only.

Clothing only.

Clothing only.

Clothing only. on all characters in the shot.

Clothing only on all characters in the shot.

Clothing only. on all characters in the shot.

Clothing only. on all characters in the shot.

Warhammer Online: Character Artist (PC, Mythic Entertainment. 2007)

Favorite New MMO of 2008!

Character Artist

Modular, resource specific modeling, UVs and texturing for MMO with strict PC compatibility standards. Modular, customizable human characters, armor and clothes as well as monsters of human and giant scale. {Read More}


  • Massive “point of interest” sculptures for environments.


  • Pipeline research and implementation for improved modularity and shading.


  • Critique and feedback or Outsourced Art.


  • Evaluation of production risks, and anticipation of potential problems.


  • Created Photoshop batch script tools to automate mass amounts of repeatable tasks when tweaking textures for the change in engine requirements.

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