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Lichdom Battlemage: Art Director 

(PC,  Xaviant LLC. 2014 (Apr 2013 – March 2015)


This project was very exciting to be a part of. As Art Director, I was able to infuse the visual identity of the title with color and folklore. By fusing influences from ancient cultures and adding some fantasy and magic, we achieved a compelling look to the characters, magic and environment. A strong mix between realism and the stylized.



Epic Mickey 1 & 2: Principal Character Artist 

(Wii & Multiplatform,  Junction Point Studios. Sep 2010 – March  2013)


With such valuable IPs, when you are a Disney artist, you cant be "close enough" or slightly off brand. A Mickey Mouse game that celebrates an entire history of art and tradition, a lot of research and style studies are necessary to hit the standards of the home team.

Wizard 101: Main Character Artist

(PC, King's Isle. June 2007 – Dec 2008)


Over 45 million players worldwide!

From 2D concept to in-game 3D completion. All parts are modular and seamlessly interchangeable. Texturing focuses on broad volume shapes to make the game look higer resolution and tech level than it actually was. I contributed the pipeline method for the player character art system and a large percentage of the characters that shipped with the game. Many NPCs and monsters.

Warhammer Online: Character Artist 

(PC, Mythic Entertainment. August 2005 – June 2007)


Multiple armor variations, monsters, NPCs and points of interest.

Imperator: Character Artist

(PC, Mythic Entertainment. 2005)


Various armor types, NPCs, and monsters for this futuristic MMORPG.

Dark Age Of Camelot: Character Artist 

(PC, Mythic Entertainment. 2004)


Full graphic upgrade from previous DAOC art standards. 

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Character Artist

(PC, Turbine Entertainment. 2004)


Various environmental textures, props, traps, dungeon mechanical pieces and skeletal warriors.

Lord of the Rings Online: Character Artist

(PC, Turbine Entertainment. March 2003 – August 2004)


Various environmental biomes, points of interest, props and monsters.

IMAG Team: Art Director 

(Multiplatform,  Booz Allen Hamilton. (June2015 – Present day)


  • Lead the efforts of 19-person team developing multimedia technology solutions for military training.

  • Coordinates production efforts to create stunning visuals for industry leading e-learning and simulation software for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms.

  • Oversees Art Department’s aesthetic and technical development of multi-user applications for 3D simulations and virtual environments including top tier Virtual Reality scenarios, replicating aircraft, real world locations, and photorealistic Architectural visualization scenes.

System Shock 3: Art Director / Assistant Game Director

(Multiplatform,  OtherSide Entertainment. (June 2016 – Present day)


  • Cross discipline creative and logistic leadership to prototype and execute on a deep first person horror/ survival simulation in which the game world is highly reactive.

  • Art direction of all aesthetic disciplines and creative direction for the game as a whole with AA expectations. Consistent, measurable results.

  • Lead a small core crew of inhouse artists, and a large core of outsourcers.

  • Project planning, personnel management, risk assessment, budget allocation, negotiation between disciplines and with vendors and outsourced partners.

  • Pipeline development, establishing procedures and techniques.

  • Hands-on prototyping and vizdev to set the visual bar, and guide the team.

  • Creation of marketing material, support for the Publisher needs.

Personal work
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