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Various personal works and style studies. Large version viewable by clicking on the YouTube logo.

Pumpkin inspired by Villafane Studios.


Skull Study.

MMO Style Orc HD

Glock 17 hard surface model.

Veteran Soldier

Angry Shopkeeper

Maleficent: Disney art style study.

Head practice. Watch in HD for skin detail.

Lunchdoodles: Goblin head study.

Lunchdoodles: Torso study.

Alpha Male

Old cartography style bass.

Brer Fox: Disney art style study.

Head study. Experiment in shader settings.

Personal Research in methods for architecture using Zbrush. "Hook's London Mansion".

Sci-fi battle suit.

Aging Grotesque inspired by a DaVinci sketch.

Miguel from "Road to El Dorado".
Disney art style study.

Lunchdoodles: Bigglesworth

Captain Hook: Disney art style study.

French Boxer.

Funny creature designed by Adam Fenton.

​Scared: Disney art style study.

Lord Macintosh: Disney art style study.

The Beast: Disney art style study.

Rock Star.

British Hulk dislikes bother.

Camel from "Mickey In Arabia"

Disney art style study.

Lunchdoodles: Old circus strongman.

A Loony Tunes version of Kratos

Disney style villain face.

Expression study.

Stylized hoodlum.

Old Zbrush doodles across the years


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